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Cleaning your home office – the hassle-free solution

Home Office CleaningWorking from home could be both a blessing and a curse. Among the many problems that may occur while you are earning your living from the home office you have set up in the spare bedroom or the garage, maintaining the place in a comfortable, tidy and representative state could very well turn out to be the hardest one or the troubles of end of tenancy. But have no fear, with these tested strategies that are proven to provide great results, you will never have to worry about your home office cleaning again.

  • Clutter is often the biggest problem in every office. There is a very good possibility that paper piles around every corner of your home office too. So make a habit of filing everything immediately after you have used the document in question. This will not only spare you a lot of effort in your special home office cleaning day, but will make your work more organized and will optimize your process.

  • You should take extra care of your electronic equipment – computers, printers, scanners, faxes etc. You should definitely pay special attention to them in case you often eat in front of the keyboard, while doing some extra work at the time when you should be resting. There are special wipes for electronics that will make this task easy like a walk in the part. Get some of those at your local supermarket.

  • Home Office CleaningIf paper-clutter is a problem, general desk clutter is even a bigger one. The artistic chaos is a good thing, but you should contain it to a reasonable limit. So, once a week take ten minutes to de-clutter your desk completely. Items that do not belong to your home office environment have no place there so just move them to the living space of your home, or throw them away.

  • The key to having the perfect home office is to assign space for everything – from the computer to the pile of sticky notes. Make a plan for dividing the space for everything you use while working and stick to that plan.

  • If you cannot afford professional cleaning services, vacuum your home office yourself every evening after finishing work. Twice a month take care of the windows and under no circumstances let rubbish pile up in the bin. In this way your office will become a more pleasant work place and you will make good impression on clients if you meet with them there.