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How not to hurt your carpet or hard floor

Maintaining your furnishing is very important. When you have to take care of your floor is equally as important. Carpets require special attention but hard floors can be quite demanding too. We aren’t going to dabble in how to clean or scrub them but we will talk about what you can do to protect them from getting damaged or dirty.

Avoid making these mistakes

Dry carpet cleaning is an excellent way to clean your carpet but it goes wrong you will regret it. This is why you should be more careful in preventing the rug from getting dirty on the first place. This will greatly reduce the chance of it being ruined because you won’t need to take any risks with detergents and such. The same goes for hard floors – you want to keep them away from danger and this will make your life a whole lot easier.

With carpets you just want to know in advance whether your rug will be exposed to direct sunlight. If so, make sure that the blinds are often down or that the curtains are closed. If you can’t avoid exposure to sunlight, then simply go for a carpet of a lighter colour and this way it won’t get faded. Also:

  • Don’t use bleach on it
  • Don’t use toxic detergents
  • Don’t use sharp objects to clean it

Here are even more cleaning tips

Then you need to know if you are putting the carpet right beside a door that leads outside. This will mean that the rug is endangered by mud and water. You want to make sure that people take their shoes off before walking in or you will have to put some sort of a mat on it. Either way you are better off not having a carpet there. Don’t spill water on your rug. It’s as simple as that. Water and other liquids when dropped uncontrollably on the fabric might damage it, loosen it and overall destroy the integrity of the carpet. Keep it dry.

You hard floor can take much more beating but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful. Very few things can drill holes in cement or stone by accident but if the floor is ceramic you need to watch it. Don’t allow people who are heavy stompers walk on it with high heels or heavy shoes. The floor might get cracked. Even some little scratches on the surface might make it look bad especially if you are after a certain colour pattern. Water is also not the floor’s friend. If you have tiles or cement water can get into the cracks and with time the whole floor might corrode. Cracks will widen and it will be absolutely compromised. Don’t carry heavy things over it – you should wheel your fridge or washing machine over the hard floor. If you drop heavy machinery on it, it will surely get destroyed.