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How to dye your carpet at home for free

You can always buy a dye kit or hire a professional to do it. What this article is about though is how you can dye your carpet completely using natural ingredients. When I first heard about these tricks I am going to share with you I was absolutely stunned. I had never even thought that it is possible to use household items that create stains to dye your whole carpet. It is a great way to cover already existing stubborn stains that not even a professional cleaning company can get rid of. Did you know you could turn your red wine stains into a work of art? If you are bold just add more stains using the same wine you accidentally spilled that one time and there you go… You immediately turned such a nightmare into something creative and beautiful. That’s what we call owning your mistakes.


In my opinion, the best thing you can use to dye your carpet is coffee. It gives a great rich beautiful color. The only thing you will need is… well, coffee, carpet/ rug, and a large plastic tub.

Let me start by saying you should use only natural fiber carpets/ rugs. Some other materials like rayon and polyester won’t soak up the color and you will make a huge mess for no reason.

So… Start with washing your rug/ carpet. For bigger carpets, I will advise you to have a cleaning company like Monster Cleaning deep clean it for you.

Then brew a pot of coffee – the stronger it is the better so make it twice as strong as usual. Allow it to cool so it’s warm. Pour it into a large plastic tube – big enough to hold your rug/ carpet.

Mix your coffee with clear water and see the color. If it’s too dark for your likings – add more water. And keep in mind – add warm water.

Soak your rug/ carpet in the solution. Remove it after about an hour and rinse it. If you don’t like the color soak it for another hour. Repeat these steps until you reach your desired color.