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Start using vinegar to clean your bathroom and your life will change

Of course, vinegar is on top of our natural ingredients for cleaning. This isn’t something new since we all know the power of vinegar however I must ask – do you really use it?

If not, then I advise you to start applying this cleaning method in your bathroom since due to the high acidity level of vinegar it will loosen mineral deposit and will remove soap scum.

– Clean the mirror

Did you know that one of the easiest ways to clean your mirror if by using vinegar? It will leave it streak-free which is what we all want.

– Clean the showerhead

An extremely easy way to clean your shower head is with vinegar.

I suggest you remove the showerhead and put it in a bag (a ziplock bag). Fill it with vinegar, close the bag, and let the shower head soak in there.

I recommend you leave the showerhead overnight if possible. Then rinse it very well with soapy water.

– Clean the faucets

Soak a cloth in vinegar and wipe the faucets in your bathroom to remove hard water stains.

– Clean the bathtub

Are you dealing with soap scum and different stains in your bathroom? Well, using vinegar will not only take care of these problems but it will disinfect the bathtub as well.

If you hate the smell of vinegar then you can mix it with liquid soap or essential oils which will cancel the odour and will make the cleaning process more pleasant!