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How to Remove Food Colouring Stains From Clothes?

If you love baking then you have definitely used food colouring in order to make your cakes and pastries look beautiful. But this probably means that you have stained your clothes with it – and removing the stains from food colouring is not an easy job especially when you have no idea what to do. Today, I will share all my secrets with you and will teach you how to remove those stains.

How to Remove Food Colouring Stains From Clothes?

The first thing you need to do is run the stained area under cold water. Just hold the stain on the wrong side up over the running cold water. Do not rub or scrub with your fingers or any brush or sponges because you will drive the stain deeper making it harder to remove. Just hold it under the water for a minute or so.

Then you need to use your laundry detergent and treat the stained area with it. I usually use Persil but any laundry detergent will work. If you happen to have a stain remover then I recommend you use that too. Work it into the stain with your fingers and let it sit for 15 minutes then rinse with cold water again.

If the stain still remains or has faded a bit but is not completely removed, I recommend you use oxygen bleach – it’s the perfect product to remove stains with. I have tested it on just about any material and stain – and the results are always great. You need to dilute the bleach in water then soak the clothing item in there and let it sit for a few hours before you take it out and wash it as usual.

Repeat this step as many times as necessary until the stain is completely removed. The last thing you want to do is wash the clothing item in your washing machine while the stain is still present. The high temperature of the water will set the stain making it impossible to remove later. Also, avoid using your dryer – again, the high heat will drive the stain deeper.